When Did Germany Break The Munich Agreement

October 15, 2021 | Leave a comment

The “guarantees” of Germany and Italy will only “guarantee” Czechoslovak neutrality if the demands of Hungary and Poland are met – that is, their guarantee will not be given, if at all, until the division of Czechoslovakia has progressed. It is to be feared that by that time any guarantee, whether German and Italian or French and British, would have lost all meaning to which it might have been made in the past. In the meantime, the British government has asked Beneš to ask for an ombudsman. As Beneš did not want to sever his government`s relations with Western Europe, he reluctantly agreed. The Sudeten Germans were under Hitler`s instructions to avoid compromises,[25] and the SdP organized demonstrations that provoked police action in Ostrava on September 7, during which two of their deputies were arrested. [23] Sudeten Germans used the incident and false allegations of other atrocities as a pretext to break off new negotiations. [23] [26] The economic consequences of the Munich agreements will inevitably be very harsh for Czechoslovakia […].