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Within the framework of the Blended Learning Agreement, every effort must be made to assign teacher classes to one modality: remote, Blended Remote or Personal, but can, if necessary, program teachers according to several modalities (e.g. .B. break from the program, etc.). If the school-wide curriculum design is based on teachers teaching in a blended manner, they should use the SBO process. The UFT did not respond to a request for an opinion at the time of publication, but de Blasio said the agreement helps clarify how operations will take place inside and outside the classroom. chools will have a faculty conference and a class/department conference every month. These lectures each last 40 minutes and will take place at the end of the school day, just before the teachers prepare 30 minutes. The Blended Learning Agreements document lists the minimum durations of synchronous/live teaching per class of students as well as the proposed schedules for asynchronous learning on a daily basis. Under the pressure of the pandemic, we have developed a strategy to combine distance learning and personal learning, a flexible system in which a team of pedagogues works with a certain group of students. But even with this approach, many schools will still face a staff shortage that the system will need to address. Teachers without accommodation can be assigned to any type of program: mixed remote or remote. Your school must do everything in its power to assign teachers to a program of one type. The city hall has received pressure from across the city to postpone the start of personal learning, which is tentatively scheduled for September 10 is scheduled, including pressure from city council members and public advocate Jumaane Williams.

If no changes to the Blended Learning Agreements are made to an SBO vote, the Blended Learning Agreements must be respected. If a school does not respect the agreements and does not have an OB, the chapter head can file a complaint about the operational problem solving process. . . .