Sample Of Business Transfer Agreement

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environmental studies, tests and studies, including the right to test and remove media from air, water, groundwater, soil or other substances; made available; that the buyer and any person acting on its behalf may not, before the conclusion, carry out tests, drilling or other tests of underground conditions in the Baddi production site or in rented real estate without the prior written consent of the seller, the authorization of which cannot be refused, delayed or improperly conditioned by the seller. In addition, the seller shall, pending closing, encourage its accountants to cooperate with the buyer and its representatives in order to provide the seller`s financial information upon reasonable request; and (f) except as set out in point 5.15(f) of the seller`s advertising plan, none of the transferred assets is subject to any prior agreement or arrangement having the effect of: (i) the seller is not considered to be the owner of those transferred assets for income tax purposes; or (ii) may result in the denial or withdrawal of benefits, exemptions or other tax features of the business used by buyer after the performance of the transactions provided for in this Agreement and ancillary agreements. (d) buyers and sellers acknowledge that, at the closing date, the legal title to the authorizations and administrative records set out in Annex 10.14 (d) is retained by the seller`s companies or nominee partners, in accordance with the requirements of applicable local regulatory legislation, and, to the extent that such administrative authorizations and records may be transferred to the buyer or associated enterprises of the buyer; the need to obtain the agreement of government authorities on such a transfer. After conclusion, the seller shall immediately provide the buyer or the buyer`s associated enterprises with all the necessary support and assistance to prepare, certify and legalize the documents necessary for the assignment and transfer to the buyer or its related enterprises, or to support the preparation of new applications for administrative authorization and registration; that are used in or in connection with the transaction or a transferred asset or that are necessary for the ownership or use of a transferred asset. the assets or operation of the business. (a) Subject to the conditions set out in this Agreement, Buyer shall pay to Seller, in consideration for the sale, assignment, transfer and delivery of the transaction consisting of the assets transferred to buyer and the assumption of the liabilities entered into, the Indian rupee of three billion seven hundred and twenty million dollars (USD 3,720,000,000,000) (the “Cash Consideration”) excluding transfer taxes; that are payable in accordance with section 10.1. . . .