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Whether you need a standard customer contract, an independent contractor contract or a partnership contract when you are creating a new business, DM Law is here to help. There is no employment contract for internship students. In general, there is no law specifically covering this form of employment, so the terms of your internship largely depend on the contract you sign with the company offering the internship. Review, negotiation and design of contracts, non-discolture agreements and licensing agreements. On the effective date, (i) the DM Limited Partnership Certificate as the Surviving Business Limited Partnership Certificate is maintained and (ii) the DM Partnership Agreement remains unchanged and continues as the surviving business Limited Partnership Agreement. Executives from other developers such as Radius Developers and Wadhwa Group have said that development managers need to be more flexible and have the ability to become co-promoters or co-developers if they enter into a DM agreement. Creation and advice on sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs and corprorations. Establishment of articles, statutes and company agreements. “Before, if something had gone wrong, the reputation of the brand would have been hit, but legally they could leave, because they were only agents of the DM. Now, under RERA, they would be legally liable because they are called co-developers,” Puri said. However, the structuring of such an agreement would change to RERA and the roles between partners would be clearly defined in the contract in order to avoid legal problems in the future, he added.