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Links between fanpages are directed, because the “liken” of a page is a one-way action. This is different from friendship relationships between the personal pages of two Facebook users, because “Friending” only takes place if there is a mutual agreement. Use the graph metric tool (see Chapter 6) to calculate In-Degree, Out-Degree, Betweenness Centrality, Reciprocity, PageRank, and Overall metrics. Reaching mutual agreement through a negotiation process is often a difficult task. This article explains how institutions can reduce this difficulty. It begins with a fundamental dichotomy of bargaining situations between zero-sum cases and mixed grounds. This dichotomy is then linked to the diversity of goods – public, CPR, club and private – that the actors try to produce through negotiation. The article then systematically links goods and institutions with a focus on international regimes and international organizations. Finally, the problem of institution-building is examined from different analytical angles.

Strive to reach mutual agreement, at least partially, on each item on the list. If you tackle the exercise on the basis of the following guidelines, you improve your chances of consensus: by talking about the market as a “competitive game” played according to certain rules, Hayek underlines the intrinsic link between markets and the law. Since the coordination of action within the markets is based on certain general rules of conduct which impose the behaviour of market participants, it follows that it is only when appropriate rules are in force that a market organisation can emerge and that the specificity of the legal and institutional framework in which the markets operate determines their general working characteristics. As Hayek (1960, p. 229), he states: `In order to ensure an effective adaptation of the various activities on the market, certain minimum requirements must be met; the most important of them are. the prevention of violence and fraud, the protection of property and the enforcement of contracts, as well as the recognition of the equal rights of all individuals to produce and sell in arbitrary quantities and at the prices they have chosen. Even if these fundamental conditions are met, the effectiveness of the system still depends on the specific content of the rules.┬áReciprocity measures the reciprocity of directed ties. In this network, Vertex-level recicity (i.e. reciprocated Vertex Pair Ratio) measures the percentage of cases where a fan page “liked” another fan page, which in turn “liked” the original fan page. You should be careful not to just find the pages with the highest recircurity ratio, as these are probably the pages with the lowest number of likes. Instead, evaluate the recicity of nodes that have already been identified as being positioned at key positions in the network (for example.B. high-centrality metrics already discussed).

Verify the key users you have already identified. Which one has the greatest reciprocity? Which one has the slightest recircumcisity? What is it? Crowdsourcing and outsourcing sharing involve a direct relationship with citizens. Through crowdsourcing, citizens support the government. When it comes to outbound sharing, there are two types of relationships: citizens who ask for help from the government and citizens and the government who make a mutual agreement. In addition, there are certain characteristics of social networks that are related to the outgoing part of the provision of public services: when the team or team members mature with the process, it is possible to be more open to the obligation, such as for example. B to “create a web service to deal with “, because the size of the engagement is well understood by everyone, inside and outside the software development. . . .