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Contrary to the initial assumption, the introduction of a “4+” score did not clearly improve the conformity or variability of the assessments, although physical muscle testing was eliminated by providing written descriptions of the test results and making them specifically designed to indicate a weakness in the “4+” score. Ustun N, Erol O, Ozcakar L, Ceceli E, Ciner OA, Yorgancioglu ZR. Association with isokinetic measurements of the ankle and normal clinical muscle tests in sciatic patients. Review of dorsal and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. 2013;26:361–5. In other words, if there are more categories to choose from, the concordance will likely decrease (and the dispersion will increase), at least if the entire scale is used. In the next section, we discuss whether the five cases were successfully constructed to focus on responses of “4” or “5” on the standard MRC scale and “4+” on the modified scale. When we start a negotiation in a state of sublime ignorance or jump into a negotiation without preparation, we often blindly try to go around our meetings and make a hit. If a professional league coach tried to fight his opponents without getting some important information about the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team, he would soon find himself in deep difficulties, while trying to catch up and make adjustments over the course of a game that was certainly very trying.

Similarly, this unlucky coach would help with their difficulties by not fully taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of their own key players. It`s too late to learn while you`re going, because this boat has already sailed. The pre-match process for a negotiation is no less different. Dvir Z. Grade 4 in manual muscle testing: the problem of assessing sub-maximum strength. Clin Rehabil. 1997;11:36-41. In summary, the agreement is bad for both scales. The fact that we observed an increase in kappa using the modified scale rather than the standard RCN scale could in principle be practiced as an indication of a slight increase in the modified MRC scale.

However, this cannot be tested rigorously, as standard errors are not available for the kappa change observed in the given context. On the other hand, an increase in the ada for the modified MRC scale indicates a greater qualitative variation in credit ratings compared to the standard MRC and, therefore, a lower consensus among these evaluators.