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4.01 – The provisions of this Agreement apply to the Institute, the workers and the employer. 10.02 – The Employer acknowledges that it is a good function and right of the Institute to be welcomed by negotiation to reach a collective agreement, and that the Employer and the Institute agree to bargain in good faith in accordance with the provisions of the Parliamentary Labour and Personnel Relations Act. (e) Notwithstanding rule 24.02 (d), the Parties to this Agreement acknowledge that dictates of Parliament, including the activities of the Senate Chamber, a Senate committee, the official functions of parliamentary associations and inter-parliamentary exchanges, as well as when the worker is travelling, may result in a worker not being given eight (8) hours` rest. (a) Subject to clause 32.02, a worker of indefinite duration has the day following March 1, 2013 is subject to this collective agreement, entitled to severance pay of two (2) weekly allowances for the first full year of continuous employment, plus one (1) weekly wage for each full year of continuous employment, on the basis of the worker`s salary for his material position the day before the appointment. 40.01 – The employer shall do everything in its power not to dismiss workers during the term of this collective agreement and to ensure that workforce reductions are carried out on a rotational basis. This is subject to the willingness and ability of staff members to train and agree to reassignment. * 44.01 – The duration of this Agreement is from the date of its signature until September 30, 2018. 18.06 – To the extent possible, the employers` representative of the Institute shall consult at the appropriate level the envisaged changes to the conditions of employment or working conditions not governed by this Agreement. 13.04 – The employer undertakes to familiarize new workers with the fact that a collective agreement is in force and to make available to these workers a copy of the collective agreement within five (5) working days from the first working day. 2. The provisions of the collective agreement which fix days shall be converted into hours.

If the collective agreement is for a “day”, it is converted into seven (7) hours. For greater certainty, the severance pay provided for in paragraphs 32.04 to 32.07 of Schedule “E” or other similar provisions in other collective agreements do not reduce the calculation of the benefit for workers who have not yet left the Senate. 56.2 Under no circumstances may the maximum compensation provided for in this article be of a pyramidal height. For greater certainty, payments referred to in Annexes A 56.9 to 56.12 or other similar provisions in other collective agreements are considered severance pay for the management of this clause. This payment is also included in the Staff Adjustment Calculations (CEF) for the maximum total redundancy benefits to which an excess worker is entitled under the EMC Directive. 30.18 – At its discretion, the employer may grant leave without pay for purposes other than those set out in this Agreement, including registration in the Canadian Armed Forces and election to a full-time municipal office. 13.02 – The employer undertakes to provide each employee with a copy of the collective agreement and any amendments to the collective agreement. In order to fulfil the employer`s obligation under this clause, workers may have access to this agreement electronically. (a) A worker may be granted unpaid training leave for different periods of up to one (1) year of training leave, renewable by mutual agreement. .

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