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In recent years, we have seen how digital learning agreements can significantly reduce the administrative burden and provide international students with a better mobility experience. In the past, the complexity of the processing process has resulted in learning agreements not always being concluded prior to departure and have also caused problems with ECTS recognition upon return home. The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. The choice of subjects is a bit complicated, because they do not follow the same structure as in Spain. This way you may find that you have to take several to get the convalidation of one in Spain. OLA and Erasmus Without Paper are the first two major digitisation initiatives in which the Erasmus student network has played an important role. That`s why ESN is actively involved in other digitisation initiatives, such as Erasmus Skills or the new Erasmus app, which integrates the OLA. The apprenticeship agreement defines the program of study or internships to be carried out abroad and must be approved by the student, the sending body, the organization or the company before the start of the exchange. A more uniform, safer, transparent and flexible OLA will allow it to continue to do so in the years to come. More information about the changes made by the new OLA can be found in these notes.

For the mobility of students for studies, the apprenticeship agreement should define the group of educational components that will be replaced at the end of their studies abroad. See the guidelines below. The Education Agreement (LA) is a key document essential to the implementation of Erasmus mobility. In addition, those who have benefited from the Erasmus programme describe study agreements as one of the areas for improvement in the context of the Erasmus bureaucracy. For example, the Erasmus 2021-2027 programme makes it possible to standardise e-learning agreements (OLA). Apprenticeship agreements for this semester`s studies and apprenticeship contracts are still available via the old OLA platform. It is possible to amend the learning agreement once you have reached your destination, as long as both universities agree. The time to request the change is not very long, so once you start classes, you have to decide if you want to make changes.

This is one of the most important documents, but most that you need to complete. It will be completed as soon as your admission and the destination university have been confirmed. With regard to mobility for higher education, the training contract should include a group of academic components that will be replaced after graduating abroad. See below for “Indications.” The learning agreement aims to ensure transparent and effective preparation of exchanges to ensure that the student is recognized for successful activities abroad. The aim of the agreement is to enable transparent and effective preparation of exchanges in order to ensure that the student receives recognition for successful activities abroad. In 2015, ESN joined the initiative launched by the European Foundation for Higher Education (EUF), which aimed to develop a tool for creating and signing online learning agreements between students and universities.