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Hello y’all. It’s been a while since the last post, but that’s kinda how it works in marketing no? The Holidaze are slow and then you get hit with a ton of programs for Q1. Even so, we’ve been lax on keeping this up to date so please accept our apologies.

Check out Eric Wittlake’s new blog post over Digital B2B Marketing. He raises valid concerns about certain publishers and enterprises arbitrarily overriding or flat out disregarding the permissions given by the publishers’ subscribers and community members. Why would they do this? And what are the ramifications?

While each publisher is different, it seems to me that these publishers no longer place a premium on their e-mail data assets; sacrificing trust and usage control in order to facilitate the heavy demand for e-mail marketing.

And the result is list fatigue as well as falling response rates. Cause and effect. Before considering e-mail rental in the future don’t assume just because the publisher brand is well-known and the content is good…… that their e-mail data is valuable. Be sure to check out their privacy page and ask point blank about usage and how they define “opt-in.”

Eric’s Blog >>>

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